Life is busy and we don’t always look after ourselves. After an unprecedented year where we have all had to deal with so much, Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership is launching a new free personal development platform. It is open to staff across the partnership, their families and friends.


 What does Live Life Connected involve?

  • Live Life Connected gives your access to 12 personal development zones via a dedicated app and online platform called Kajabi. This includes short videos to watch with quick and simple reflection exercises to participate in.
  • Coaching sessions (repeated throughout the week including weekends) to guide you through each zone.
  • Body works classes including Yoga, Zumba, Prison Cell Circuits, Pilates and more! You can either join the sessions live or watch later at a time convenient for you.
  • The opportunity to join the BAND community app to share your progress with other people who are taking part in Live Life Connected.

Find out more on the Live Life Connected page.