Mid and South Essex Foundation Trust are committed to strengthening the support they provide to staff working in their women and children’s department from ethnic minority backgrounds and the care they give to families from ethnic minority communities using their maternity services.

To help this work, the Trust is forming a network of people who can work with them to improve outcomes for families, and their staff within these communities.

To be eligible to participate you either need to be a member of staff or a member of the local community who is passionate about this area of work.

The MBRRACE-UK (2019) report, ‘saving lives, improving mothers’ care, found that the risk of women and babies dying during pregnancy and childbirth is three – five times higher for women who are from an ethnic minority background, than for white women.

Given these facts, we need to work together to make sure we are doing our utmost to be part of the solution. This can’t be achieved without the support and recommendations of the local community and staff.

Please join and let’s work together to improve outcomes for women and babies. Please see the contact details below if you would like more information and let’s get started!

Mid & South Essex Maternity and Neonatal Voices Partnership msessexmvp@gmail.com