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Our Partnership recognises the value our local communities have in helping us plan the delivery of health and care services for the future.

It’s important to us that staff, patients and the public are a part of this process every step of the way and we are committed to ensuring individuals and group’s views and experiences influence our work streams. We know that involving patients and the public allows us to better meet the needs of the local populations we serve.

All partners regularly talk to and engage with the public, their patients, service users, staff and the communities they work with which helps us to share good practice and minimise duplication.

Over the past three years we have undertaken a phased programme of engagement leading to the large scale public consultation in 2018.

Whilst this focussed predominantly on the hospital plans, it also provided the opportunity to have conversations on the wider health and care system with our population.

Your thoughts, views and feedback continue to be vitally important to us.  We use open engagement events, our website and social media to share information and listen to you.

If you would like to know about how to become in involved in our work contact us here

Engagement Framework

Since the start of our Partnership, we have undertaken a wide ranging programme of engagement, a full scale public consultation, including specific engagement work this summer by our three Healthwatch organisations on the Long term Plan.

As a collective we all engage regularly with thousands of people across the local area in line with statutory requirements.

The Partnership is now moving into a new phase with the journey to becoming an integrated care system.

To support this we have developed an engagement framework for the system to set out our collaborative approach to working with our residents, wider stakeholders and partners using existing good practice, avoiding duplication and adding value to ensure the voice of local people is recognised appropriately at all levels.

The framework was co-produced through a series of facilitated workshop sessions with local residents, community groups, voluntary and community sector groups and  engagement experts from across the system to collaboratively explore where we are now, what works well and what could be improved.

As an overarching engagement framework it supports partners going forward to set out the opportunities at neighbourhood, place and system for involvement and community engagement as we develop into an integrated care system..

The framework will be used as the basis to develop an action plan to deliver on the commitments it makes and to outline the areas where system wide collaboration will be most beneficial.

Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership Engagement Framework 2020