Skin analytics

A new campaign is being launched in June to support better awareness and ways to prevent skin cancer and how to recognise the signs.

Targeting male outdoor workers

We know that statistically male outdoor workers are more likely to expose themselves to the sun and not take measures to prevent burning. This can put them at greater risk of skin damage and resulting cancers. Men are also less likely to spot the signs or to wear sun cream while working outside.

To support this campaign, special posters and information cards are being made available in construction sites and some builders merchants across Mid and South Essex, to help people to know the ABCD of Skin Cancer and how to prevent it.

You can see examples of the messages here:

Skin Cancer poster

Technology supporting the diagnosis of skin cancer

Skin Analytics is a new service that is available in GP practices across mid and south Essex and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) via a Dermascope to support a GP in deciding whether or not to refer a person to a cancer pathway. A person can present at their GP with their skin lesion (mole or mark) and the GP can use this equipment to support a quick diagnosis. To find out more read the below leaflet.

Patient leaflet