Free online platform to support staff who are also carers working in the Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership.

Mid and South Essex Health & Care Partnership is joining forces with national charity Carers UK to offer support to staff who are carers via an online platform that can be accessed 24/7.

At a click of a mouse carers working here in Mid and South Essex will have free, 24/7 access to the Digital Resource for Carers, an online environment that hosts a range of resources to help carers manage care and caring.

  • The Digital Resource for Carers includes e-Learning modules, factsheets, interactive guides, personalised support, and information from us covering the following areas:
  • Health and wellbeing: including resources around nutrition and breaks
  • Support for Caring: including our 5 ‘About Me’ e-Learning courses on building emotional resilience and finding support, and our Upfront guide to caring which gives tailored advice to carers depending on their situation
  • Technology and Caring: includes guides on how to use technology in care
  • Financial Planning: includes a resource made with the Money Advice Service called ‘Thinking Ahead’; a questionnaire style tool to help people think about the costs of caring
  • Working and Caring: includes guides to rights at work and seeking support at work
  • Access to all to our care co-ordination App, Jointly.
  • Young Adult Carers; an e-Learning resource for young adult carers now in adult services including, for example, advice and information for making choices about caring, and support in and about education and work
  • Your own information and support for carers in your organisation

To find out more about the Digital Resource for Carers visit and create a new account by using your free access code DNHS9674

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