Danbury’s COVID-19 vaccine centre volunteers have been going the extra mile again, by raising money for Red Nose Day and Marie Curie while volunteering at Danbury Medical Centre Vaccination Clinic.

The volunteers have been getting dressed up as penguins and bunnies for Red Nose Day to raise money, while lifting the sprits of people getting their vaccine, and having a lot of fun in the process. They have raised £1,389 from people visiting the clinic for their vaccination, before or after their volunteering shift, by collecting donations by either cash, contactless on the day, or via a link on the website.

Although Red Nose Day has been and gone, their fund-raising efforts have been far from over as they continued to fundraise at short notice for Marie Curie as part of the recent National day of Reflection at the Danbury vaccine clinic. While this event was more low-key with a few volunteers wearing a daffodil or something yellow, the volunteers still raised £326.21

The group have said that they will continue to raise for money for charities.

Alison Kerren who organised the fundraising events, said: ‘We will be supporting other charities, going forward, and have been really impressed by the commitment of our volunteers and the generosity of the people coming for vaccination.’